Tuesday, 27 January 2009

john tripp

In the National Museum

I went there on Tuesday
sat lunchtime, to look
at the Impressionists. Their colours
could take me into an old French summer
and let Cardiff sink in the Taff.
I never told her I went there
because she despised arty men.

Outside, at the top of the steps,
I took off my deerstalker
and hid my sandwich-tin behind a pillar.
Inside, under the big dome and high balcony,
there was dignity in the marble hush.
I adjusted my steel-rimmed specs
for the feast ahead. Then I saw the back of her
with an arm through some man’s
going up the wide stairs. I turned back
to the revolving doors, scared,
thinking I would strangle her later.
She was wearing her best dress
and her hair was like a flame.

it strikes me i have little by way of welsh poetry on here. i do know who dylan thomas is but outside of him if anyone's got any suggestions, welsh or english, i'd like to hear them


Sorlil said...

R.S. Thomas, I've long been meaning to pick up a book of his poems.

Rob said...

Kathryn Gray's "The Never-Never" is a really good contemporary collection.

George Herbert was Welsh.

swiss said...

george herbert was welsh? i did not know that. oh well i've got more welsh poetry on here than i thought!

nice recommendation with kathryn gray also. i don't usually go for this sort of stuff nut i liked what i saw and will investigate further.

i'm not fussed for copying off people's blogs so here's a link to her
kathryn gray