Saturday, 3 January 2009

and then there was new year

and really, it wasn't too bad at all. they did make me work new year's day as well which added some insult to injury but again, tho busy wasn't the apocalyptic vision of post drinking gi bleeds and pancreatitis i'd predicted. t went off to london so in my off time i watched the wire, 'the best tv ever made', which it isn't but all the internecine struggling and corruption looked strangely familiar over the christmas period.

not that i can actually talk about any of it. i did think about changing jobs but the selling of houses doesn't look the most feasible and while living apart from t is a possibility it's not one i really want to entertain. shame as i fancied the move but them's the breaks. what would i like for christmas next year? while i wouldn't want to wish harm on anyone there would be a certain irony of our health minister could suffer, if only temporarily (for a while!) some sort of demeaning and painful chronic condition necessitating multiple hospital admissions

looking back at the last year of the blog i see that, although i'd started with good intentions, my work posts grew less frequent. i did not get any sense of how many dead people i see in a year and i wasn't altogether happy on the confidentiality front, describing the situations i'd gotten myself involved in. that and the fact that reiteration seemed to be counteracting the comforting blanket that is a dodgy memory. i should give it up but i find they've trapped me with the money and the fact that if i do i'll just be just one more experienced person leaving the service and where does that leave the people coming up, far less the folk we look after?

as to those. t goes to london, where the people across the road from her mum get their house broken into, assaulted and beaten and a gun put in the face of the baby before the guys that did it realised they were in the wrong house! and i come in on new years day to find one of my colleagues in a bit of a state because one of our other colleagues has been murdered. nothing at all in the news. could it be because she was an immigrant? in the face of any other factors you have to draw this conclusion. he that did the murdering is in the jail but pleading 'circumstances' so i have to explain to my colleagues that this means he'll probably serve maybe eight years.

none of it is cheery. so what do you do? the sun is shining. you get out on your bike, circling and circling....


Sorlil said...

it's a shame you had to work over the new year, hope 2009 is a fruitful one for you and your blogs :)

swiss said...

i actually quite like working new year. xmas is dull as it's rarely busy but ny is always entertaining at the very least, even if it's just talking down the drunks!

Sorlil said...

you're crazy, lol. maybe you should quit your job and run a pub instead!