Monday, 5 January 2009


the plan. get up early. go to bike shop. go to library.

i get up. eat breakfast. read book. check blogs. read again. where is t? still in bed as if drugged. no movement is forthcoming. after yesterday's watery weather performance today the frost os back and it's a beautiful day. the bike is in the back of the van, calling to me. i think i have a stress fracture in my right wrist. typical! but it only has to last this week, then rest for another week until race day then i'll stick to the road bike for a while until it sorts itself out. the dayd are getting longer. the year feels fresh!

i read some poetry. this guy seems familiar


Sorlil said...

oh swiss this is gorgeous, too many lovely bits to pick out!

Rachel Fox said...

I like your poem. Oil...hmmm.
Interesting variations in the Neruda tenses (that the translation can't handle...).

swiss said...

well not all of us have a degree in spanish he said tartly... lol ; )

Rachel Fox said...

It is about all I've got!