Saturday, 8 November 2008


still agog at the vacuity of the coverage of the obama compaign by the british press (or the obama fan club as they should rightly be known) and the bbc in particular - i believe there's something in their charter about impartiality but i'm guessing as in so much else it doesn't apply
to johnny foreigner. esp when we're bombing them.

but today, on the day trevor phillips announced there couldn't be a british obama (referring to the speed of his ascent), in response to which some labour wag responded that 'it's called the parliamentary system', i was further astonished by the coverage of the anniversary of WWI. not only did the announcer not appear to realise that sunday wasn't, in fact, 90 years 'to the day' when WWI ended, apparently forgetting all that eleventh hour business, but he also banged on about how we were still learning the lessons of all those ninety years ago. now call me cynical but i'd suggest that if we haven't learned a lesson in ninety years chances are that lesson is not going to be learned

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