Tuesday, 9 September 2008

did i?

write a bunch of poetry? why yes i did.

did i finish a painting. ah well, you can't have everything, the light's gone, i wasn't in the zone.... all those usual excuses. still eight poems in 24 hours (plus two i haven't written up yet). not too bad

the hiatus? i put it down to the computer disaster. sure yes i've got some of the things back but it kind of took the mood away from me.

what else is new?

in the interim

i did not cycle from john o'groats to land's end as planned. i had to cover some sick time which led, directly or indirectly, to me getting sick, missing training and generally feeling unpleasant. what did happen was a bit of a northern scottish epic. one of the elvis lot was there but photo opportunities didn't materialise due to forgetfulness, the epic nature of the landscape, midgies and the fact that all i could really do off the bike was sleep

planned kayaking did not happen. boat got delivered late and as a result (in conjunction with my motorcycle being back on the road) i have affected all the weather systems in the country. for the worse.

food happens! our erratically planned garden bears fruit, or at least vegetables. and they're great. possibly the least toxic things i've ever eaten. which leads me to scavenging fruit from my mum and dad's garden and onto further culinary odysseys. i'd never have thought i'd be having a conversation with my mum about making crabapple jelly but now i have and very enjoyable it was

mmoneypenny does not visit. we are disappointed but at least i manage a brief actual person to person conversation which was a bit odd given that it was the first time in who knows how many years. but at least it wasn't on the day of catastrophic drunken-ness

which occurs on a solitary mission to see geo, ostensibly an overnighter before i catch the ferry to one of the islands. beware of conversations that begin - we'll just have one before you pack the bike! maybe i am getting old but the hangover lasted more than a day!

and that will be the end of the summer. i feel sunshine is not compatible with bloggery

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