Friday, 18 April 2008

out on the trail

today we go further afield for a change and good that we did because the sun doesn't fail us despite the forecast. mr g's legs do unfortunately, mainly due to the battering i gave them yesterday and because his regular xc bike isn't working and he has to use one of mine instead. he doesn't mind though, he knows he has to be fitter for his race later in the year and mine is looming ever closer and i need to push the training a lot harder.

not that it's difficult what with the weather and me being on the new hardtail. i'm reading elsewhere about peoples' problems with self knowledge with regard to the Other. i think about this today as i'm firing round. i let mr g go ahead so it's just me, the trees, the greenery, the trail and each moment is an instant. there is no higher thought going on. i'm totally self aware, like hitting the drop on a good wave. there is no equivalency in philosophy

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