Tuesday, 1 April 2008


aside from the cycling, my wobbly leg has made concentrating on reading difficult but not looking at pictures. outside of the usual flickr'ing i've been impressed with following this morning

walter schels and beatte lakotta's collection life before death

ari versluis and ellie uyttennbroek's exactitudes

ther's also been changes and blogbrowsing and residents of the swiss ivory tower bid a fond farewell to mmoneypenny's blog. she has moved on to things far more productive and although we shall miss our regular visits, especially the notebooks, we wish her well


joanan the barbarian said...

don't forget that i'm still flick'ring... why aren't you on my friends list? i have put a bit of notebooking up just yesterday.

swiss said...

ooh, that would be cos i don't have a flickr account, could access it from yr blog and cos i never bookmarked it. and now can't find it.
email the addy and i'll sort that out.
all this hirpling about has made me think about taking some photos of my own. i'll keep you posted

joanan the barbarian said...

why email when i can post a link that will transport you there instantaneously? hmm?

flickrlady said...


Roxana Ghita said...

I couldn't look at "life before death". reading also, too hard. when you write about these things it is different, I don't know, you have such a gentle and loving-humourful way of looking at things which makes everything (almost) bearable.