Wednesday, 17 October 2007

race day

a bit of bonk, a dodgy bike and well, to be honest, a healthy dose of fear curtailed the night cycling so after a disappointing first day i woke up to a lovely scottish october dawn.

stuffed myself with cake and red bull and was off on the back up bike for a fine morning's cycling. felt even better as i'd been the one ensconced in a sleeping bag all night while quite some number of those left were showing the effects of a night in the forest. i sympathised with them and they called me a solo-ing loon

lessons learned:

more night time riding
better lights
more balanced food intake
get rid of santa like belly

next race is another twenty four hours in january 'the toughest endurance race in britain'.
what could possibly go wrong!


Marta said...

I did noticed that biking, even biking 90 min a day like I do, does not interfere with is that?

Anyway, have you really gone to scotland to race?

swiss said...

it's a sad fact of life that cycling doesn't really do much for your abdominal muscles so even in pretty fit cyclists it's not unusual to witness 'cyclist's paunch'

i donlt have to go far to race in scotlandas it's where i live! and fortunately most of the venues i go to are no more than a couple of hours away