Saturday, 6 October 2007

full suspension

despite the tooth i get a new bike. full suspension! and what a difference. what i pick my way over and hope for the best on the hardtail i can get the head down and hammer over on the full sus. climbing seems easier too tho i can;t quite reason out why (maybe it's the distracting sculptures that are popping up where i train)

on the down side. it doesn't feel as direct as the hardtail and the view that it's bad for your skills i'll definitely support if only because i've been going so fast that if i didn't have my hard nardtail acquired skills i'd have stacked by now for sure. but while fast is enjoyable it isn't necessarily as much fun so the hardtail will definitely stay alarge part of the training schedule

will i use the full susser for the race tho? given the interruptions to trainign and worrying signs of some sort of post viralism - absolutely!

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