Monday, 27 August 2007

time for a hiatus

i think as matters of the lawn, car parking and the general stupidity of my fellows gets on top of me. people ask why i like the nightshift. i give many reasons but i suspect one of them is that it provides insulation from all those people at the weekends. who are they, that can't walk the length of themselves to park their cars, who drive so badly and risk so much just to get ahead that extra wee car length, who occupy the DIY centres and the garden centres like culture bottles, who trail litter behind them like locusts, nest foulers, loutish and loud. and that's before the drinking...

as for the drinking what's the deal with a country that defines itself through football (read sectarian violence) and getting out of its collective tits? i shall reserve this for another soapbox post

before i finished work last week i was given a pleasant lesson in the british penchant for girning when i was looking after some american holiday maker who'd landed herself in hospital. in amongst the many complaints i was getting (based around the fact you can't get 32 people into a ward designed for 30, especially when most of those are full!) here was this woman who expressed disbelief that she would be seen at home by a doctor and wasn't at all bothered by hr three hour wait to see me because back home it would've been much longer. and it's free! (at point of delivery) which is more a comment on the american health care system or lack thereof than a defence of the nhs but at least she could recognise what she was getting. myself i think i'd rather be sick in germany if i had to be

anyway it's off to places nordic for the household of swiss. sure it may be full of badly dressed people whose views on immigration make the daily mail seem like the socialist worker and yes there's a certain something lacking in their sense of humour but we'll be arriving into something that feels like community, where i can walk the streets without bumping into members of my client group out cold with booze/drugs or howling up the streets in a st vitus dance tirade against invisible enemies and where the sight of a book doesn't lead to mystification as to quite how the strange object fits into the video/dvd

back in a couple of weeks...

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Marta said...

I really share your feeling of exasperation Swiss, abour the weekend. If it were for me I would shut myself behind doors in those days. Where I come from is so diferent, or maybe not, and it is a generational thing. But yes, I just hate weekends :(