Friday, 3 August 2007


off the back of the lao tzu post and continuing my slow paced wandering through gaston bachelard...
is the need for isolation a genuine withdrawal or just a chance to recharge the batteries? bachelard views the house as a retreat, a redoubt, a repository for the daydream, the reverie but finds contrast with rilke, whose view in letters to a musician i am more in accord..

do you know when i am in a city i am frightened by hurricanes at night. it is as though, in their elemental pride, they did not see us. but they do see a lonely house in the country, they take it in their powerful arms and, in that way, they inure it, and when you are there, you would like to be out of doors, in the roaring garden, or at least, stand at the window and applaud the infuriated old trees that twist and turn as though possessed by the spirits of the prophets

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