Tuesday, 21 January 2014

the road to meikle seggie

when i first came down to these parts i used to ask people if they'd ever been to meikle seggie and, if so, where was it. no-one had ever heard of it. i didn't ask if they knew of richard demarco let alone joseph beuys. much later and quite by chance i found it on the map and just down the road. i'll save that one i thought

and for some reason today was the day. who knows why? not to get to meikle seggie! but that's where i went and although the cycling was a wee bit treacherous it was a sublime day. i haven't met richard demarco more than half a dozen times and, i think, with t only once or twice and she, like me, thought he was wonderful.

i could tell you i only got into beuys because of him but that wouldn't be true. what would be true was that i only started looked at beuys properly after i met him. but it was the meikle seggie trip that captured my imagination then and now. maybe i put off going down the road for ages because i thought it would be just another road but these days i don;t think there's any such thing and maybe i've been going to meikle seggie all along. who can tell.

as for richard demarco. great guy. i found the following on youtube - you can see him standing just about where i took these at about 1:19

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