Monday, 20 January 2014


it may be that i like a rant about the bbc but that doesn't mean to say i don't listen to a fair bit of it. radio 3's spoken word output is rarely less than fabulous and radio 4, despite often feeling like a middle class family has stopped their range rover long enough to beat you to death with their golden labrador, is well worth the effort despite all the wallpapered mindlessness of it. even if the sound of your demise will doubtless be played to the tune of the archers.

(should i mention the tv? i could but i shan't, not unless i wanted to conflate a sentence using the words smug, preening and flamethrower)

but should one be able to reach the escape velocity to turn away from the bbc behemoth there's much to be found in the world of podcast. i don't usually post about podcasts, mainly because i post enough on here already (and i'll be stopping soon so make the most of it), but also because those lovely guardian people have just gone and done a handy starter which i mention not least because i used to have some online banter with the don logan bunch.

is it a relentlessly anglophone list? why, of course it is (you did see the link was to the guardian?). does it appear that their choices maybe reflect some of the global population more than the rest. maybe...!! but, get into the world of internet radio and the only limits you need to set are those you set on yourself. listening to stories from people who don't look or sound like you is a great way of hearing the world.

i strongly suggest indulging....

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