Friday, 4 January 2013

speaking the swedish

and now that it's the new year i'm back from spending the festives with my relatives including my now linguistically able niece.

i'd warned her mum and dad that i was coming with a range of swedish nouns but very few verbs and no grammar. they smiled indulgently in that swedish way, esp when they saw me trying to relate what i'd been listening to contrasted with the delivery of a two year old! a couple of days tho and we were well off the mark. there's nothing like a small child as a learning aid!

the plan now is get some consolidation done between now and the summer. one of the local papers was up last year looking for an interview so i'd like to be able to do at least a bit of that in swedish. plus i should, hopefully, be getting a bit of a look at some swedenlandish healthcare and it'd be nice to confound a few stereotypes about english speaking foreigners!

i think in the last post about the swedish i was complaining that i couldn't find a way into the language. now it's not so much the certain somethings i know and like about other languages that have opened the door but the actual speaking of it that is just so much fun. i can't wait to get back!


Marion McCready said...

happy new year to you and t! good luck with the swedish!

swiss said...

and a happy new year to you all too! with any luck i'll ne able to start reading transtromer properly! plus as well as the exhibition stuff i'm sniffing around some swedish giggery so it'd be nice to at least do the intros in the local language, perhaps even dialect!