Tuesday, 22 January 2013

glencoe climbers

doubtless anyone who's watched the news in the uk over the weekend will know about the four people killed in glencoe this weekend. one of them, chris bell, wasn't known to me directly but that was mainly because any race i was in with him  he was always lapping me! and he was well known within that small community of online mountain biking people.

i saw his parents on the tv and they seemed, to me, to be responding with a great deal of courage but none of this can disguise the fact that there's four families who've lost their loved ones tragically early and another remains struggling for life in hospital. to those families, of tom chesters, rachel majumdar and una finnegan, my condolences and best wishes and a speedy recovery for the others

it seems they weren't do anything they shouldn't and they were well equipped for the conditions and that the avalanche they were caught in was one of those occasions where so many of us can say, there but for the grace of god...

should that be the case, and even if not, should the mood come upon you luke bradley (another one of those anonymous faces i don't know from the internet world) has set up a just giving page here

*luke, if you're reading this i hear you're burning the candle at both ends. last i heard you weren't so far away - if you fancy a bike/daunder get in touch

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