Friday, 25 May 2012

jorge de lima

Distribution of Poetry

I took wild honey from the plants,
I took salt from the waters, I took light from the sky.
Listen, my brothers: I took poetry from everything
To offer it to the Lord.
I did not dig gold from the earth
Or leech blood from my brothers.
Inn-keepers: let me alone.
Peddlers and bankers:
I can fabricate distances
To keep you away from me.
Life is failure,
I believe in the magic of God
The roosters are not crowing,
The day has not dawned.
I saw ships go and return.
I saw misery go ad return.
I saw the fat man in the fire.
I saw zig-zags in the darkness.
Captain, where is the Congo?
Where is the Isle of Saint Brandon?
Captian, wat a black night!
Mastiffs howl in the darkness.
O untouchables, which is the country,
Which is the country that you desire?
I took wild honey from the plants.
I took salt from the waters, I took light form the sky.
I have only poetry to give you.
Sit down, my brothers.

trans by john nist

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