Saturday, 31 March 2012

peak flow victory!

so after all the knee shenanigans i had some annual leave and decided that was the week i'd carve all the inactivity weight off and make or break my knee joint. a couple of easy roll outs and all was fine - legs were good, lungs felt fine. then i had a day making some wooden stuff for a friend of mine. nothing i haven't done before, i was working outside but no, no mask. the following day i was feeling a bit off, went out on the bike anyway and felt reasonably unwell on my return. and that was the cue for two weeks of proper chest infection. after a week i couldn't breath, my peak flow had dropped by a third and i's voluntarily gone to the doctor where it was antibiotics and inhalers. obviously the weather is lovely!

another week passes and finally my lungs feel something like themselves. i'm still coughing but i decide to get the peak flow thing out. victory! back to normal! so the first thing we do is get the canoe out for an afternoon's paddling thru perthshire. naturally i don't look at the guide properly so we go about twice the distance we'd intended but it didn't put us off. the sun shone, the water was lovely, we saw all manner of wildlife including signs of beaver! we were proper done when we got back tho and managed little more than tea then bed. a grand way to spend a day and what better to get back to a bit of recovery.


Roxana said...

but what kind of chest infection, i mean how did you get it??? i have become paranoid about them, what with all these endless kindergarten viruses etc. i am still coughing myself, it must be a month now since it started, out of blue.

i am waiting for those pics! :-)

swiss said...

i'm assuming i breathed i some wood dust. igven what i was coughing up it was bacterial with the additional joy of asthma due to the inflammation. that hasn't quite gone away yet but the spectre of steroids remains. and i'm not ready to stop carrying my inhaler just yet.

as to pics. we went to the camera shop yesterday. camera nirvana! but we didn't get more 35mm kit, just another digital so one fo us will play with that while the other uses the film camera. it'll be the end of the month we're away so can't wait!

Titus said...

I think that one was doing the rounds. I was sent for a chest x-ray and had to do the spirometer thing. It was indecisive between COPD and asthma, but I'm feeling a bit better now.
My lung age is 53. I now realise I'm not sympathising with you at all, but just moaning.
So yay! Go, peak flow.

swiss said...

i'm jusr glad i don't smoke!