Friday, 23 March 2012

the ink spots - apocalypse

i was thru at geo's the other day when young j demanded a bit of ink spots. the ink spots i said? how do you know them? oh, said young j, they're the soundtrack to fallout 3. they're great.

one of the things i like about my more fresh faced acquaintances is not only the breadth of music they listen to but their refusal to be pigeonholed by it, something that definitely didn't happen when me and geo were j's age. so to him an evening of ink spots, death metal, advert jingles, maria callas, ice music (terje isungset) and french pop is all to the good.( i should point out he can't do any balkan music yet but we're working on it.)

fallout 3 is (i think) a game in a post apocalyptic nuclear holocaust world soundtracked in part by music from the 40s and 50s (young j - i love those andrews sisters - who were they?). it was only when young j explained this were his feathers slightly ruffled. you haven't played it, he asked? nah, i said, i don't play games. but why not he asked? i just think they're boring i said. a long discussion ensued....

the ink spots tho.... quality!


Titus said...

Good golly, the video was unexpected. Sorry, trailer.

swiss said...

the whole thing is just plain odd to me!