Sunday, 19 June 2011


Less pub than brothel, and you, the regulars

Less pub than brothel, and you, the regulars
The ninth pillar from Castor and Pollux
Do you think you are the only ones equipped with a penis,
That you are the only ones licensed for fucking
And that the rest who do it are merely goats?
Do you think, as you sit waiting in rows
A hundred or two hundred together, that I shall not dare
To do the whole lot of you, two hundred together?
Think again : I will draw scorpions
All over the walls of then place.
For my girl, who has escaped from my arms,
Who was loved as much, and more than any is loved,
For whom I have expended all my forces, She is there. You, the great and the good, all love her,
You the valueless, corrupt, adulterous all love her;
You above all Egnatius
Long-haired son of a rabbit-toothed Celtiberian
Only made good by your beard
Your teeth whitened by Spanish piss.

trans by c.h. sisson


Roxana said...

why do you write "Catallus", and not "Catullus" as it is his latin name (and the one i have always known him by), is this the way his name is written in English?

Titus said...

Far beyond good.

swiss said...

no, as usual it's my rubbish spelling and lack of attentiveness. i have corrected...

what do ilike about this? it just makes me laugh. so bawdy, so spiteful and yet so full of life

Roxana said...

i got confused because i googled Catallus and i got many hits, so i started to wonder whether this is not some English habit (or a different poet! :-)