Thursday, 14 April 2011

a bit of bike

after last month's rain aborted trip i set my mind on april. true i've not quite cleaned or sorted the bikes yet and i'm due to be away in the next few hours but i'll manage. i broke myself last week upping my miles a wee bit and, given i'll be in the west coast, tackling a bit of wind. hint to self, glen quaich is not the place to tackle a bit of wind. rather the opposite in fact (i should point out for those fond of their geographical pedantry that obviously i was doing it the opposite way, given the prevailing northerness of the winds. which, if anything is only slightly worse than doing it from kenmore). good fun tho and most likely one of my top five glens to cycle in these scottish-shire parts. rubbish in a car tho. so don't go. ever!

the plan, such as it is (and the vagueness of it has caused some discontent domestically among the van driving component of team swiss) is either a loop (in either direction) from here to mull, across at kilchoan, up to armadale, across skye, then butt to barra on the western isles and back home. or (because we'd rather be cycling/driving than waiting for calmac/the weather's rubbish) off to mull, then straight up the west coast on broadly the same route, up to durness, across to tongue and back down to inverness if we've time. time being the operative thing as the more i look at any of the routes the more i want to do and the fuller the van gets. take t round and about in mull. absolutely. wee camp in ulva? oh yes. kayaking in the western isles? kiting in the western isles? swimming!? all of those. chilling out in valtos (there is so no chance of this one!), arisaig, handa island... the list goes on and on. the only certainty is a visit to the land of sore legs.

can't wait...


Totalfeckineejit said...

Enjoy yourself!

kate said...

hope you have/had a great time. nothing bets scottish coast in the sunshine :)