Wednesday, 13 April 2011


a long slow night at work last night so time enough to browse the scottish poetry library's event list. aside from the orkney book festival's making the obvious omission of me (!!!!!) what was this..?? WHAT was this!!!!???? margaret atwood comes to scotland. i read it again. yes, that was right, atwood coming to scotland. i found myself all excited and a frenzy of ticket booking ensued when i got home.

fair credit then to university of aberdeen writer's festival. and even moreso when it  becomes apparent that not only is atwood appearing twice but kenneth white is there as well. naturally i'm working but at least i can make the friday date. i did try to share my excitement with my co-workers but they were like margaret who? never heard of her....

which is odd to me but then again they're not going. will i be taking my well thumbed copy of eating fire? oh yes!!!


Marion McCready said...

I've never really read much of Atwood, I've a tendency still to think of her as a novelist than a poet

swiss said...

i'm the opposite. i've got a couple of her novels sitting about. and sitting about! i can;t seem to get into them for some reason