Wednesday, 16 March 2011

r. s. thomas

A Marriage

We met
under a shower
of bird-notes.
Fifty years passed,
love's moment
in a world in
servitude to time.
She was young;
I kissed with my eyes
closed and opened
them on her wrinkles.
`Come,' said death,
choosing her as his
partner for
the last dance, And she,
who in life
had done everything
with a bird's grace,
opened her bill now
for the shedding
of one sigh no
heavier than a feather.


Marion McCready said...

lovely, keep meaning to pick up an R.S. Thomas collection

Niamh B said...

sad, but so beautiful

swiss said...

yes, it's a lovely one all right. i have a bit of r.s. thomas in a couple of welsh poetry collections and am getting more into him as time goes by