Monday, 22 November 2010

what you should not do

is be less than sensible about where you put all your notebooks.

and most especially after getting it together to have some sort of system to keep track of them all you shouldn't lose the one you've been using most, yes the one with all the notes of all the writing you've been doing since april and should've, was going to, maybe tomorrow but honest really i'll get to it all that writing up, yes that one. that's the note book you really shouldn't lose.

i'm sure it's in the house somewhere. i really, really hope it is....


Niamh B said...

oh swiss, fingers and toes crossed it'll turn up

Marion McCready said...

when I take notes out and about I transfer them straight onto the pc when I get in so I never have this problem. I've even started a blog only I have access to with all of my poems on it, that way I'll never lose my poems!

swiss said...

which is why you should always live with someone who knows you really, realy well!

tired of my girning t thinks of where i could put such a thing if i wanted to keep it very safe. and comes up with the goods!

what a relief!

Dominic Rivron said...

"i'm sure it's in the house somewhere. i really, really hope it is...."

All my attempts to organise myself end like this. What scares me is just how much stuff one can end up with that "probably shouldn't be thrown out". PK Dick called it "kipple", I think. Good word.

Just found a poem I wrote ages ago hidden in a stack of newspaper freebie DVDs, between East is East and Moby Dick.

swiss said...

and that's why i absolutely have to avoid writing anything on scrap bits of paper!

kipple... ah yes!