Thursday, 11 November 2010

carola luther

'I watch the bees slow down the summer'

I watch the bees slow down the summer. Honeysuckle sink
beneath their substance. Yellow busbies stuffed with sleep
and ochre powder making journeys, wavery, vague,
full of just-remembered purpose, so I come to think
of geriatric gardeners, with their pots and hats and secret
pockets full of dust, casting stuff on yellow air so seconds
stretch (a whole, long, summer each, if we could only enter them)
a gift of sorts, for us, a hunch, as if they've guessed, the bees,
and understood the rock at the garden's end, the crouching
sky, the path on its narrow belly, dropping to the sea.


Roxana said...

how can a single line attain perfection, becoming reveletion, i don't know.
I watch the bees slow down the summer.

did this for me. for the rest of the poem i don't care much, yet this, this

swiss said...

i was hoping you'd like this