Wednesday, 25 August 2010

why i loathe computers

and all their incarnations.

so i need to do another site. maybe not a blog type thing but another site. off i go to google sites.

so far so good. there's a wee video man that tells me all the things i can do. even better. so i get my site - and then the trouble starts. where's the wee video man? he's vanished to be replaced with the ever helpful google help pages.

so i go to make a page. but surely there's a make page button. nope.

except according to google help there is. right there at the top right hand corner. where it isn't!

i go back to google help. i find the same query for some guy who lists the various languages he can program in but, like me, can't add a page on a google site. yeah, says google help, you need to go to the make page button at the top of the page.

eventually the help pages acknowledge that this button may not exist. uhm, change your browser they suggest. that might work but maybe best not use google chrome!

by this time i'm ready to throw my laptop out the window. obviously i delete the site. that right there is an hour of my life i won't be getting back. there is no limit to the resentment i feel about this!

i'm quite certain that there's a logic in the way these computer boys think, that really in their heads it is all quite simple. except that it's not supposed to be simple for them. loads of my work is spent getting people to understand systems and concepts they have no real idea of. it's not that tricky but there is a knack, a knack that seems entirely absent in the realm of 'helpful' software (rage, your name is indeed adobe)

so, off outside and breathe..... lovely


Dominic Rivron said...

Don't blame the computer - blame the twits who write programs. I go through a similar rigmarole every time I try to upload music to myspace. You'd think there would be a page with a big UPLOAD button on it - but if there is, I haven't found it. It's hidden away there somewhere...

Roxana said...

i know that at this point of the ranting any consolation attempt will sound stupid, but: without computers and the worlds they make possible, how could we have, hmmm - vimeo and the most astonishing things which can be found there, to take just one example? :-)

kate said...

first class ranting. thank you :)

swiss said...

you're right it is a proper rant - all noise and no sense behind it!

of course there's lots of things that computers allow us to do thatmake life so much easier. just maybe the process looks easier than it's actually going to be.

and i agree. there should just be a big UPLOAD button. that would sort it right out!

Niamh B said...

dead right, and you can't talk to them...!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Computers are the spawn of satan, we are all DOOMED!