Monday, 23 August 2010


in lieu of the cycling i have been spending much time in the garden. first it strawberries, then unfeasible raspberries, both wild and homegrown. the other night we got into our red currants, a massive bowlful stripped form our overly prolific plant. red currant coulis with vanilla ice cream. that's all kind of goodness.

still to come, assuming i can get up the hill, are the blueberries, possibly a smattering of cranberries (some of which are happily growing in a bucket on the back step) and yesterday i even managing to scavenge a couple of early brambles as i cycled down the back roads.

nature is always better than tescos!


Dominic Rivron said...

Lucky person. Most things I've grown this year have been a dead loss. An aubergine the size of a grape, a pumpkin the size of an aubergine (still time!) and a total of about 16 tomatoes (on three plants!).

I *do* have got a courgette that's rapidly turning into a marrow.

I think I'll be shopping at Tescos for the forseeable future.

swiss said...

i've just picked a bowlful of peas for later but our beans (broad and borlotti) haven't been as prolific.

we have been lucky with tomatoes but even with a wee growhouse to grow them in they're being a bit reluctant to ripen. i may have to resprt to bananas to encourage them!

we often look to the clement south with envious eyes as it seems that stuff down there grows in abundance. it's a shame for you but reassuring for us that it isn't necessarily so!

Niamh B said...


kate said...

muffin time!

Dominic Rivron said...

It certainly aint. :)

swiss said...

i was expecting more of the 'funny shaped onions' from your garden niamh. unless the dog ate them!

kate, i'm sadly neglected on the muffin front. i can cook evrything except cakes. maybe i'll get lucky and t'll make me a bramble surprise!

dominic, brambles in yorkshire surely!?

Roxana said...

mmmm - i adore berries, all of them - and currants! they are called 'coacăze' over here :-) and said to be miraculous for all kind of health issues - but even disregarding this, currant syrup, traditionally made, with honey, is divine. we drink it mixed with carbonated water.

swiss said...

that sounds lovely!

my friend's mother used to make red currant vodka for christmas. not only was it delicious but the only thing that i remember drinking any way sensibly as a teenager.