Sunday, 4 April 2010

the poetry bus, this is the allocation of seats....

today we have the allocation of seats. yesterday
we had the writing. and tomorrow morning we
shall have all the departures. but today.
today we have the allocation of seats. grey clouds
glower over the neighbouring gardens.
and today we have the allocation of seats.....

i could go on but i think it would be cheeky to henry reed. anyway, time to say goodbye to that lovely flower (check out more here)

first up the short and sublime folded letters

and then it was like the summer when shaista arrived

next, the revolutionary jeanne

then, rachel who wants not one, but two seats, which is her prerogative

and peter who left his bag jacket and the shopping, just because he could!

titus arrives, flowerily (and i feel i have to coin a new adjective!)

me, i'm doing other things so i'm using the poetry diesel sparingly

dominic arrived quietly, thoughtfully, sucking on honey

tfe, not early, not late, chacking to see if i've damaged the paintwork

and emerging writer, in at the back

then, just as i'm getting awake, a swirl of arrivals

niamh, a manifesto of flowers

watercats drops out of orbit

poetikat making joy out of calculation

and making a dash at the last

it's argent in romantic mood

crazy field mouse, who i must have driven right by at some point, for which i do apologise

weaver, who likes her greys

the wordly pure fiction

and at last heather with the watch looking thing

and with that, while there's still space for any stragglers, i shall hand over the keys and alloow the bus to return to its native country where niamh will be setting the next challenge. seatbelts on!

what's that you're saying? you wanted to know what these things were? oh well.

the first one is an xray of an iris by nick veasey

the watch/shell thing is a detail of an exhibit at an exhibition i was in last year

the ecg is an ecg. those with an interest in such things should easily be able to spot what's in the process of happening in v1 and v2

lastly, but definitely not leastly, is that circular thing. i'm sorely tempted not to tell anyone what it is but i fear there would be complaining so if you don't want to know look away now.

a few weeks back we were out fiddling about with our spotting scope and i decided i'd have a go at taking an image thru it. what you can see is the water's edge, some bits of reed, and now that you've got some context you'll be able to just about spot a teal. honest.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Interesting photos.I'd love to x-ray things, but not people!

Mines done (poem, not x-ray)

Great name 'x-ray' Sounds so 50's futuristic super-heroish

Totalfeckineejit said...

Forgot to put the link. Don't know how to make them clickable, sorry.

Emerging Writer said...

I'm on board. Just before midnight.

Mojo said...

Bollocks! Clean missed the bus this week di'n I? Pity that. But I suspect there's a lot of interesting stops along the way.

Niamh B said...

I'm on!

the watercats said...

another rider of the bus hear! :-)

Poetikat said...

I went with the flower as well. Mine is up now. Thanks for hosting.


Argent said...

Can I use this roll of ECG paper as a ticket? Mine's up now over here.

Anonymous said...

I got left behind, I fear I may have forgotten to pay my fare:-(
much love

Totalfeckineejit said...

has hers up but couldn't leave a comment. It's here..

Pure Fiction said...

Just posted my (very slight) offering - great photos, even though I'm still not sure what that last one was!

Heather said...

Interesting and photos - I chose the timepiece for my inspiration and have just posted it. Sorry I'm so late.

Titus said...

Great driving swiss, and a real variety of responses to those illusive/allusive/elusive photographs.

Now please, please tell me what the planet thing is!

Pure Fiction said...

Aha! I thought I spotted ducks/water birds in there! But instead I decide to go with the inside of someone's gut. Sigh.

Argent said...

Blogger woudn't let me leave a comment on your entry, Swiss, so I'll do it here. I liked the spareness of it and the build up to the end.

Niamh B said...

what's happening in v1 & v2 though?

Excellent Driving

swiss said...

blogger's been a bit funny with me also argent

v1 and v2, you can see the st segment starting to elevate. our man's having a myocardial infarction

(i spot this tho and all is fine in the end, barring the cardiac event obviously!)

Claire said...

the photo of the iris is brilliant! i almost bought something like that for my room once - an x-ray of a rose on a black background.

my blog, reading for idiots, had some issues that i guess you noticed (i just saw your comment on my other blog) so sorry about that. i couldnt really get to it either - it kept sending me to this other site, which was, as you put it, dodgy- but i havent had any trouble in the last couple weeks, and ive written about several new books. check it out if you have a chance!