Friday, 26 February 2010

london cyclists

it may seem from time to time that i may be some sort of lycra jockey who enjoys a bit of a race. while this may be true it is not the whole of the truth. sadly i am unavailable on the 10th but if i was i would most certainly be here

not quite so feasible in these hillier and wetter lands perhaps but surely there is a place for a more sedate - fourteen miles and a tea stop! - and fabric orientated style of riding. it makes me itch (sic!) for my pashley

at the very leasy check out the gallery for it is lovely!


Dominic Rivron said...

london cyclists... I smashed up my Holdsworth Tourist in London in the early 80s. Looking over my shoulder at an artic that was right behind me, I smashed into the back of a car. I must have been going at quite a lick, as I shot over the roof and landed upside down by the passenger door! (Thankfully I was wearing a helmet).

The car and I were fine - and I thought the bike was, until I tried to ride off and found that the frame had been compressed slightly, making it impossible to turn the front wheel.

swiss said...

i think the only drawback is the london-ness but a slow group of these types should keep them safe. it's the tweed i'm after!

Feltbug said...

I do like fabric orientated riding :)