Saturday, 13 February 2010

and that's that

it's been nearly thirty years since my first moped and very few of those years saw any period where i didn't have a bike. i was never much into cars, they're great for what they are but compared to bikes they are as nothing. that said as the years went on, and particularly when i cam back from the islands, there was just too much traffic on the roads, too little time to just be going out on the bike and something of the sparkle went off it. even then years went by before i could make the jump to a bikeless existence.

and that day is today. where my bike's been sitting there's now an empty space and a similar feeling for me. i had to phone some of the people i started going out on bikes with and of whom i'm the last to still be doing it. they were sympathetic. i guess they know better than me that i don't do well with this sort of change. you'll be fine said w, and think, you've made it through all those years with nothing like a serious accident which is almost astonishingly true.

in a couple of days it'll be behind me. in the meantime i'm a bit emotional. i may sit for a while with the lights off...

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