Monday, 18 January 2010

the results

so the puffer's over for another year. it doesn't take great prescience to tip alex slaven for a win but i feel a certain satisfaction to have predicted it. a good performance from jo to come in second female in the solos. there's seems more of a spread in lappage in the solos this year. top twenty finish for me? easy. except for the repetition of the mishaps of previous years and given fiona walker, who normally hands me my nethers on a plate, only managed five, perhaps this is wildly optimistic!

an outstanding performance by nevis in the quads tho, a superhuman thirty five laps. i strongly, strongly want whatever they've had in their tea!

on the downside, nice guy dougie vipond apparently fell off on the second lap and got carted off to raigmore with a suspected concussion. another bloke seems to have a heart attack. hopefully he's well. it just goes to show that even tho it's a bit of a laugh, care is required.

today, after a weekend of good intentions fell at the wayside of lots of food, white russians and really quite silly amounts of gales, i was back out in a frost frozen, crispy snow world with g. definite thawing at last! going back out later to suss out a route for the tuesday boys who have, at last, come out of hibernation.

and while g's skills still massively outweigh mine, the uphills are a different matter. he complained to his wife, he tells me, that she'd shrunk his favourite t shirt over the festive period. no, she said. she had not, in fact she hadn;t touched the said garment. chastened the fat man offered no dissension when i told him that yes he would be going back up the hill again...


Anonymous said...

Must get new tyres for the hybrid and raise the headset on the road bike.

swiss said...

yes, yes and more yes!