Tuesday, 5 January 2010

out in the snow

january not being january without being on the bike i'm chafing to get out despite the stupidly difficult snow. i fail to manage to cycle in a straight line, get stuck, repeat, get stuck, repeat, many, many times. harsh words follow but nothing can take away from the loveliness of the day.

(okay maybe the general icyness of the roads and the fact that, despite me having snow tyres and them not, the sight of a cyclist seems to get car drivers into some sort of murderous panic!)

and yes that is a rare image of me


Andrew Shields said...

The image makes me think you're not wearing a helmet out there in the ice and snow!

Niamh B said...

Andrew makes a good point, also lacking are the woolly coat and scarf, crazy man...
snow tyres on a bike? next they'll have head lights or something.

The snow does look lovely. Ours is crappity, 1 cm deep but has been here since new years, so is very very slippy.

swiss said...

perhaps i just have a very small head! lol no, i'm definitely wearing a helmet andalso have a cunning arrangment of layers to keep me toasty.

andrew - i'm loving your new family picture!

Andrew Shields said...

Self portrait à la Lauren Child.

Roxana said...

wow! YOU!!! :-)

and you've got actually more snow than us here, i am envious!!!

(very small head hahaha)

Anonymous said...

Could maybe use that image as an author photo on the CWP website?

Been out photographing pink cumulonimbus today.