Monday, 30 November 2009

the idiots abroad

so geo says he's just up north of me at the weekend. i'll maybe come up i say. and that's vague enough. fortunately i don't cycle the sixty or seventy miles it wouldn't have taken me but do have a loop round loch rannoch which is just sublime. the sun shines, schiehallion is coated with snow, the water is like glass. at one point a heron floats up and we cruise along together for a stretch. i wish i'd brought the kayak.

so, time to meet up. but i can't remember where. and there's no signal. i drive twenty miles back down the road until there is one. you drove past me twenty miles ago says geo. i can;t drive back up that road i say. i don't blame you he says.

you'd think after twenty five years or so we'd have got better at this. but no. top bike ride tho.

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