Tuesday, 2 June 2009

so what was i doing

at the weekend? that would be this. the video they've currently got up is well worth a look. if it's not there go to mtbcut.tv and search for tenundertheben 2009.

rather than soloing i went as a pair this year. my core fitness was okay but due to crashes and near bonks in the run up i wasn't as sharp as i could've been. plus while i did loss some muscle weight a few kilos lighter might've helped! (t says this is nonsense i should point out but she's just, well, wrong)

i'd warned g it would be hot. it was hot enough when we scouted the track the night before but nothing on the day. this time tho i was electrolyted and hydrated to the max. even so i had to keep my speed down to keep my heart rate and breathing steady enough i didn't overheat on the climb. as such we were maybe five-six minutes slower than i'd like to have been over the course of a lap. and, as usual, while my climbing was good i lost time on all the descents which cost us position.

not that it mattered as g was overcooked at the end of three laps and sat down and drinking beer by the time i came in from mine. no way i was going back out after that! good fun tho. splendid weather again but just too hot. but overall i think i enjoyed it better this year because i didn't feel i had to push as hard (and didn't!) because for g it really was about the taking part. that said if we done our two more projected lap we'd have been much further up the table than we were.

but if that'd happened g and his family wouldn't have been at the last corner cheering me in and that was easily the best moment of the day...

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