Thursday, 11 June 2009

and specially for rachel


for anyone else it is safe for work but you won't want it to be. and maybe best use a bit of caution if you've just eaten. or are prone to irrational screaming....

i'm just saying


Niamh B said...

grotesque! Did you see the new star trek film btw? I cried

Rachel Fox said...

For me? I loved it. I miss the 70s.

swiss said...

the 70s!? strikes, the three day week, devaluation, the winter of discontent and where does it all lead? thatcher!

t says the shatner is inexcusable and it made her feel 'dirty'. it took this to soothe her

the new star trek film. i thought it was okay. t loved it.

Rachel Fox said...

Mark went to see the new film with people from work. I have lived this far without much Star Trek (a tiny bit of 70s Trek in my yoof, a bit of 7 of 9 here and there).


swiss said...

given the nature of mark's work i can't imagine a universe where he wouldn't go with his workmates!

me, i grew up with the orginal, again and again, didn't think i was too fixated but have watched all the spin offs and all the films and while i can;t name inidivual episodes know far too much about it!

Kruse said...

No! No! No! No! Aaaarrgghh! It's worse than unexpected spiders!!

(I went to see the new film and loved quite a lot of it - except the ice planet bit and Scotty in the water tube)

And I agree with Rachel, the 70's were when GB was unashamedly and delightfully crap. I wouldn't want to go back there, but I kind of miss it; pink angel delight, power cuts excitement, jam and semolina pudding at school, Tiswas.