Saturday, 16 May 2009

the red gods

no more need be said.

well okay here's something for the also rans. coventry city in 1983. brilliant.


Anonymous said...

i look at this all the time and although i'm not 'totally irked' i would say that i am 'somewhat' irked. you know how it is when one supports 'the mighty reds' i.e. liverpool.... ;-P

Anonymous said...

Beep beep beep out if in manchester today for an open top bus reversing back into the garage

swiss said...

ho ho ho. that'll be the garage where the scouse keep all their trophies....

but seriously, there was no chance we were beating barcelona. i can't believe there was any doubt. were people watching us play this season? no surprises. along with the droning of 'ferguson must go'

Anonymous said...

we really shouldn't be comparing trophies!

i, for one, am just glad that torres has signed on for more liverpudlian fun. esp. since mminipenny has just been gifted with a brand new torres shirt :-D

p.s. dvd's have been burned. just waiting on spare cash to send it now!

i hope you like jazz