Monday, 9 February 2009

and i've been listening

one of the many problems of working night shift along with not seeing anyone, no social life etc is the sudden and distressing bursts of insomnia that appear out of nowehere, your body thinking that you're still working and sometimes, luckily, if you've nothing to do, it still does and you can do things at odd hours but only in the sure knowledge you're going to crash and burn later in the day.

best to sit it out, get yourself down on the couch, wrap yourself up in a sleeping bag, put your hard disc on and let the music lull you into some sort of fugue state until the morning comes. which is precisely what i've done. mellow sounds that have eased away the wee hours include -

nathan fake
willy mason
nouvelle vague
benjamin biolay
jose gonzalez
king creosote
neutral milk hotel


Sorlil said...

apart from Jose Gonzalez, they must all be before my time, lol. though I love listening to Veneer in the dark, so much to listen to in the music.

swiss said...

that is so cheeky! lol