Thursday, 14 August 2008

backing up those files

because you know it makes sense. except somehow you're always meaning to do it and you don't quite get around to it. i remember this when i get home and find that t has discovered a virus on the computer. a virus that means we'll have to wipe the whole thing.


oh yes, that'll be me losing all the poetry i've written in the last three months. there was a time when i'd have been deeply angry about this. but refreshingly i find that while i'm mildly annoyed i'm not really that bothered. there are more important things in life and i can always write more

i'll be backing up those files in future tho!

1 comment:

Sorlil said...

no way, that's my worst nightmare, I can't believe you didn't back them up. are there really more important things in life?? lol