Monday, 4 August 2008

ana blandiana

Churches Don't have Roofs

Churches don't have roofs,
But shingle wings
Shrivelledon their bodies,
And a time will come
When they will open them
And rise
Slowly, as if grudgingly,
Carry their beings
Of gold and smoke
Higher and higher into the air,
Flying with a huge roar, like
A flock of heavy birds
Towards sunset,
While the hysterical mountains,
Mixed with the sea
Gushing towards them,
Would tumble -
A beautiful end for the world
Under the live blue sky
Swarming with huge live churches.

trans by peter jay and anca cristofovici

1 comment:

Sorlil said...

what an amazing image at the end, I really liked the last poem you posted by her also, think I'll be looking up that book