Saturday, 26 July 2008

things i haven't liked

the cycling. maybe it's the racing or maybe i just have a down turn at this time of year or maybe it's been all the crashes of late. or maybe i'm just taking it all too seriously. but i have to say that the two wheeled life has lost something of its pallor recently. so much so that when we were away at the weekend despite the sunshine and the bike in the van i didn't cycle home on the grounds i 'couldn't be bothered'

this response not only worried t but was so out of character it even got the alarm bells ringing for me. so the plan is this. no mountain biking for the next wee while, not until my coaching day at least. back to the road bike but limiting it to short 30 mile loops. not hurrying! and even stopping! planning some epics. not competitive epics just big long days in the saddle in places i haven't been. bring some stories back. as i put it to t - have an adventure!

so it appears that not only will i be off into the wilds of scotland at the end of the month but i'll also be buying a boat and canoeing across it! despite the impending return to work i have to say i'm feeling quite excited about it

as for the road bike? well my race mtb is a thing of beauty and no mistake but the road bike is a whole other thing. once i did a writing class where the exercise was to describe an object you used every day only in terms of sensation. i had to not do it. even now i can't talk about it. there's just areas of my psyche i don't want to go! but the road bike on a nice day, not too hot,covering the miles, no stopping, heading up the glens where there's no cars, no people. that is a thing of bliss indeed


Sorlil said...

oh no you've been tagged! ah an adventure in the wilds sounds good!

Roxana said...

this is very intriguing, your impossibility to do that exercice. I will not ask about it since you say you can't even talk about it, but it made me think a lot. about myself. these writing topics can be so revealing, I have a friend who got once an exercice about 'obsession'. and she couldn't do it about herself, even if she tried, in the end she had to write about her boyfriend's obsession with a piece of furniture. the text was very good, but the whole story behind is even more interesting.

swiss said...

it's an odd one. when i got the bike i use mostly for the road the person i was living with at the time had to endure it siting in the front room where i could look at it!

trying to write about it, just in terms of sensation, something which is both medium and means of an absolute physical expression, as well as an entry point into a transcendant mental realm is just beyond vocabulary!