Monday, 28 July 2008

got tagged

so having been tagged my recent purchase of a book, a film and a sound recording are as follows


as with others i do favour the library but it hasn't had the desired effect of getting me to stop buying books to the point that, although it's only two years since the last one, the time of the book jihad is fast approaching again due to lack of space. mind you if these ereader things ever work at least i'll be able to condense my classics....

anyway have bought many things this month but what i've just finished is adrift in caledonia by nick thorpe which was untaxing but rather lovely and a definite spur to buying my boat. what i'm currently ensconced in is the discovery of france by graham robb which, so far, has totally justified the cover price just by his approach to history and language, before i;ve even got to the actial stuff about france!


i bought three films this week. i've watched the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford. i really didn't enjoy the book but the film was a whole different kettle of coconuts. yes, it may be that andrew dominik has watched one too many terence malik films but i'm not going to complain about that. no, not ever. even if i'm still somewhat amazed that his previous outing was the fabulous, but very different, chopper. not a bad peformance in it, i particularly liked sam rockwell's support as robert ford's brother. i'd highly recommend it even if you don't like westerns, because it really isn't one. oh yes and there is a surprise appearance by nick cave.

i also watched the savages. mainly because of laura linney, who i last saw in the squid and the whale and to which this'd be a nice companion piece. in it a brother and sister have to take care of their ailing father. and that's it. some of it is uncomfortable, like having my work in my living room, but it works for me because of that accuracy. it is funny but it's not the cheeriest. i did enjoy it tho, if only because it reminded me of how much i miss my sister.

i am still to watch the counterfeiters


this is too difficult because i'm sure amazon just send me things out of habit now. so far as i can remember the last thing i got delivered contained something by lcd soundsystem that i've not really listened to yet and haven't really gotten into, a depeche mode cd that also contains a dvd of loads of their videos, just to remind t of the dm bar in tallinn, the dvd of which i've kind of had on but i haven't really listened to either. i have listened to what another man spills by lambchop and i rather like it. not big time but enough to give it some more listens

i will attempt to tag this forward at some point but the people i;d be most likely to do so with are either on holiday, enjoying the fruits of summer or are otherwise engaged. and i'm lazy. yes, i am

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Sorlil said...

the nick thorpe books sounds good, I've got a rather large biography of victor hugo by graham robb which I've never got around to reading. depeche mode - eh? must be before my time, lol