Tuesday, 6 November 2007


looking at the from memory groups i came across the following after the map of lisboa, which lead me on to the likes of this, this and this. none of which should be taken as an indication that i favour moleskin notebooks in any way. however i do favour notebooks, and sketching, and looking at these it reminds of how limiting blogging is in terms of this activity. i remain unsure of the whole blogging thing, the what, the why and looking at these only makes this more so. i like my old notebooks, just seeing them stacked in a pile is enough to trigger a myriad of memories and as for my scrapbook!! the blog has its functions but it does none of these things. i remain unconvinced...

T often asks me how i write and most often i'm pretty much at a loss. while i was looking at youtube notebooks i came across this and to be honest, without getting all linguistic about it, it's a pretty accurate representation of the creative process as it affects me.

but for patience and daftness this made me laugh

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Marta said...

:) oh! I really share these reflections