Tuesday, 20 November 2007

henrik nordbrandt

this can be found somehwere in the comments in marta's excellent blog but as i can't remember where i feel no qualms about posting it again

as though through a lid

as though under many layers of old varnish
your face is dissolved
when sleeping I stare into your sleep
as though under a lid
of heavy bronze

once our dreams flowed together
for a moment, so we could see each other
so we could see
the darkness around us. So we would be
forever hidden from each other.

and if you come in there
in your dreams, you do not know
who is the dreamer
and who is the object of the dream. who
is in the dream

and who is outside
knocking. listening.
waiting. you
or i.
Who is knocking… from within

if you lift the
in me, you will see.

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Marta said...

oh my goodness, so you had already introduced me to nordbrandt, and I had forgotten!

how deceptive, this silly technology, that seems able to help you memorising, cataloguing, not losing away, and instead only expand our desires for more and our lightness, and speed and skimming trends.

It does not surprise me but still amaze me how the memory of human beings can beat any machine they build to remember thmelves.