Wednesday, 25 May 2016

found poetry

not so much found poetry as poetry being where you find it. i've been a fan of napowrimo in the past but have found over the years that the prompts surrounding this exercise, after a while, become a bit same old same old. at least that is until i came across the found poetry review's list of prompts (tho they should properly be described as exercises) for napowrimo 2016.

these are dazzling. all poets and, more importantly people who wouldn;t describe themselves as poets, should get into these if only to challenge themselves about language can do. following these posts the poetry is, if anything, incidental. i was loving the creativity of approach, the manner in which i found myself challenged.

i haven;t done so yet but one day soon i'm going to have a day where i just work thru these just in order to see what comes out the other side

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