Wednesday, 12 February 2014

more old school cycling....

DUMMY JIM (OFFICIAL) ✩ Directed by Matt Hulse ✩ Featuring Samuel Dore from Matt Hulse on Vimeo.

dummy jim was a film a long time in the making and, i've discovered, one that i totally missed the opening of last year. in a nut shell, and more details at the website here, it concerns a deaf guy, james duthie, who, in 1951, decided he was going to take himself off on a bike ride to morocco. after what i can only suspect was some epic route wrongness he found himself going up to the arctic circle.

if that story on its own isn't enough i defy you to watch the trailer and not find it fabulous. the music is available on the website but no info as to where or if the movie can be watched online or dvd. in the meantime i;d encourage you to take the time to have a browse round the website - it's totally worth it.

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