Friday, 1 November 2013

botanical imagery

as the last of the flowers are disappearing into autumn tow sets of pictures appear to remind me of summer

camila carlow's images are just lovely (tho obviously i wouldn't advocate going out and ripping up plants to recreate them!). it strikes me tho that anatomical illustration (for wont of a better word) seems to be of far more interest to the likes of carlow and various textile artists than visual artists these days.

a few years back i was in the louvre (?) and coming across a gang of camera wielding folk clotted around whatever work it was they wanted to tick off their i have seen list i noticed that just down the corridor there was a wee collection of arcimboldos. i'd been seeing these images since i was wee and suddenly here they were, ignored by everyone else! i've always had a soft spot for them and am loving klaus enrique's recreations as a result

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