Thursday, 15 August 2013


me and t did manage to get ourselves out on sunday to see the perseids, taking advantage of gaps in the cloud, which was just as well as, had we waited, we'd have been totally out of luck - you need to take your chances if you're sky watching in scotland!

as it was we had a decent time of it with a frequency of something like 40/hour. the real pleasure tho was lying on top of the car watching the night sky. it's a simple thing and all too easy to forget to do (tho a wee bit more demanding in the winter when you're needing to be wrapped up in multiple layers) but it's always worth it to get out under the stars, to look up and watch the show.

not that it's just star watching that's suffered recently - no time in the boats whatsoever this year!! shocker!! but you can't do everything and, pleasingly, our tv is more or less redundant. neither of us has been the best at keeping in touch tho, esp me, so if i'm a bit slow on the email/blog etc front many apologies..

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Roxana said...

yes, i was just thinking that you have practically disappeared on the blog front, at least for me, wondering whether that had to do with me or it was just a general evolution of yours :-)

the perseids!!! now i am dreaming!!!