Wednesday, 5 June 2013

a delicate battle

years ago, when i was wee, i saw rudolf nureyev dancing on the tv, a black and white sequence, just him. i'd never seen anything like it, never seen anyone shaped like him , could move like him. wow, i thought, i wish i could grow up to be that. need less to say in the scotland of those days with a father like mine it was never going to happen. and that was before i realised i was too short and most likely, too unbendy.

i never lost that moment when it came to dancers. it's a bittersweet thing -  i'm still too short, certainly way too unbendy but now i'm too old as well! but when i watch something like the above i get swept up in all the possibility of human movement.

it's a half hour. get a cup of tea, sit down and immerse yourself....


Niamh B said...

didn't manage the cup a tea, but took a gamble that my 2 yr old would watch with me, a dangerous exercise, since he insisted on joining in, trying out the lifts etc, some of them weren't that far from our usual nappy struggles anyway :-)

swiss said...

ah, toddler ballet. happy days!