Sunday, 24 March 2013


it shouldn't need to be said that i'm particular when it comes to my writing materials. these days i use an ink pen I got from tesco's about five years ago. they don't make them anymore and i'm down to my last four or five with nothing to replace them. they're liquid ink - before that I had a box of ballpoints i got back in new York that lasted the best part of fifteen years. i'd hoped that my recent batch of muji 0.38's might have been the new pen but they have a scratchiness that just doesn't work for me.

and then there's the notebooks. for home use i've got a stash of a5 books i got in menzies - should've got more as they no longer do them. sturdy, leather bound, they're great. i do have a moleskin but I've never got on with them - the moleskin only serves as a training record. of late i've been using a very nice wee ordning and reda number. flexible, pocket sized with a horizontal band to keep everything in place. but, as with many things Swedish, there are times when I just don't want to be paying out that much money.

casting about i happened upon the leuchtturm1917. all the signs so far are good. beautifully featured with page numbers, stickers, index pages and tear outs and while it lacks the leather cover of the ordning it has a nice heft in the hand. I doubt it'll hold a pen as well as the ordning but that's the only quibble. certainly much better than an equivalent moleskin for me.

fixes vos pensees
aussitot qu'elles vous viennent a l'esprit
ou que ce soit


now I just have to get a decent pen....


Marion McCready said...

pen and notebook? how quaint, lol. I either write directly onscreen or take notes in my phone

swiss said...

no school like the old school. i can write prose directly onscreen and i edit poetry to an extent that way but writing without a en and paper just seems un-natural! lol

Andrew Shields said...

May I recommend Ciaran Carson's novel "The Pen Friend"? Lots about pens and perfume, among other things.

swiss said...

you can. I shall keep an eye out for it