Thursday, 22 November 2012

needless objects of desire

xmas is rearing its ugly head once again and the shops are full of tat. naturally (despite the fact that my head is still set around the traditional time of xmas being around the third week of december) i'm being questioned about what things i don't need or want that i 'hope' to get and what'll i'll be getting t.

to the latter any shrug of the shoulders is met with the inevitable 'get her jewelry/perfume' response quickly followed by frank bewilderment that t wouldn't want or need either of those things. 'she says no but she means yes' my female colleagues tell me with no hint of irony before, i am sure, discussing t's failings as a woman.

hardly more acceptable in their eyes is my contention that i don't really want or need anything beyond, if i'm lucky, some decent time off (t loves xmas with all the trimmings) around the festives so that we can kick back, make some decent food and maybe go for some walks. this year, assuming t can stay out of hospital,  most likely we'll do some work in the shop, which will be great but a fact i probably won't share as my work colleagues will think it's even odder.

all of which was fine until i happened upon the derringer site. oh my goodness. how much do i want one of them? no matter how i might rail against useless consumerism, that they aren't practical and very likely not even legal here i would love one of these just to look at. maybe if i'm back in the states i can get a shot...

in the meantime check out the bit about board track racing. who knew?

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