Monday, 15 October 2012

how many pencils?

one of the comments i got when i was doing the exhibition last week was when i was sitting doing some drawing. i was getting some good banter with this guy when he said that it was a good idea to be making prints because 'there wasn't the same value in paper and ink'. i found it a bit of a curious comment, not really true but i could understand, more or less where it was coming from. we had the laptop with us so i could show him older, finished work - these are all on canvas i said. and oddly that seemed to make more sense to him.

i hear too the comment that 'art schools don't teach anyone to draw'. now, in some cases there may be some validity to this but more often than not i'm hearing it from someone who can't (and won't!) support their argument.

anyway being a sucker for large, work intensive and just a little bit ocd works i couldn't look past this. how many pencils!

Chris LaPorte: City Band from Mary Matthews on Vimeo.

not only that chris laporte got a rather large prize for all that drawing.

and while i'm at it, seeing as i'm just off many days of sewing i couldn't not be taken by this. they did use different 'performers' tho.lightweights!


Niamh B said...

interesting - both of them - don't think i'd fancy sitting under the scissors, would like to know what they did with the mended piece of material afterwards too..

swiss said...

i'd have liked to have done the scissor order down at the local b&q. how many? all of them...